Thermal activation of ordinary Portland

Thermal activation of ordinary Portland cement-slag mortars


Thirty one mix proportions of ordinary Portland cement (OPC)–slag mortars (OSM) used to study the effect s of temperature on early and ultimate strengths. Three levels of slag (0%, 40%, and 50%) and differ-ent temperat ures were used; it was found that 50% is the optimum level and 60  C with  ۲۰ h duration is also optimum. The maximum strengths obtained of optimum mortar, at 3 and 7 days, for specimens cured in the air, are 55.00 and 62.00 MPa, respectively. These strength levels are 64.50% and 66.50% greater than those without heating. The results show for 0 and 2 h heating  time, the strength of speci-mens cured in the water are greater than those cured in the air, but for 4–۲۶ h, this statement is reversed. This is a novelty, is very important in the precast industry and has many advantages for arid regions to overcome curing of concrete structures.

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