The effects of heat treatment

The effects of heat treatment on compressive strength of cement-slag mortars


Thirty-eight mix proportions of ordinary Portland cement-slag mortars (OSMs) were used to study the effect s of temperature and relative humidity on strength. Three leve ls of slag (0%, 40%, and 50%) and dif-ferent temperatures were used; the 50% level and heat curing of 60 C for duration of 20  h were found to be the optimum. The optimum mortar’s strength at 3 and 7 days for the specimens cured in air were 55.0 and 62.0 MPa, respectively. The results show that for durations of 4–۲۶ h, the strength of specimens cured in air is greate r than those cured in water. This is a novelty with major advantages in arid areas. It was proved that more ettringite production at early ages resulted in higher early strengths. Comparison of curing regimes with different temperatures and the same relative humidity or different relative humidity and the same temperatures showed that higher strengths are attr ibuted to higher temperatures and lower relative humidity, respectively.

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