Relationships between compressive strength

Relationships between compressive strength of cement-slag concretes under air and water curing regimes


The use of high strength concrete (HSC) has been studied for many years in developed and  developing countries. Although, HSC has a few  disadvantages, it has many advantages. The  concrete with compressive strength (CS) levels in the range of 50 to100 MPa, is called HSC.  The  most  important  property  of  HSC  is  ۲۸-day  CS  as  a  criterion.  Sometimes  due  to  time  limitations and construction project problems, estimation of 28- day CS based on 7-day CS  can  be  useful.  Based  on  many  experimental  tests  and  analysis  of  the  results,  three  sets  of  equations are determined with ANN and Regression techniques are compared and the best is recommended.

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