Effects of thermal and mechanical activation

Effects of thermal and mechanical activation methods on compressive strength of OPC-slag mortars


Activation methods and curing regimes have crucial effects on the strength of mortars and concretes. The objective of this investigation is to examine the early and later compressive strength of activated ordinary Portland cement (OPC)–ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS) mortars and identify the most effect ive activation technique. The methods of activation used were thermal, mechanical and thermal– mechanical combined. Two curing regimes were adopted and five groups of mortars were prepared. It was observed that OPC–GGBFS mortars have greate r sensitivity to OPC mortars against the curing regimes. However, the study revealed that there was no particular acti vation method which when used gave the best results for both early and later strengths and did not cause strength loss. It also proved that the most effective activation method for early strength is a combination of both the thermal and mechan-ical, while for later strengths, none of the activa tion methods was  recommended.

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