Comparison of different methods for activation

Comparison of different methods for activation of ordinary Portland cement-slag mortars


This paper compares three methods for activation of OPC-slag mortars (OSM): (1) prolonged grinding of binders (mechanical method), (2) elevated temperature curing of mortars (thermal method), and (3) use of chemical activators such as NaOH, KOH, and Na 2SiO 3, 9.35H 2O (chemical  method). The proper reactivity of OSM was evaluated using a mixture of 50% OPC and 50% slag. Early and ultimate strengths were comp ared. All three activation methods accelerated both the slag reaction and strength development rates. However, the chemical method did not show a significant effect on the ultimate strength, while thermal activation increased the early strength by 3 days. Mechanical activation increased the early strengths of the mortar significantly, but about 6% strength loss occurred in the ultimate strength. Although, the application of mechanical and thermal activation methods needs extra equipment and energy, due to more significant of strength improvement; based on current test results, it can be said that mechanical activation is the most efficient and feasible method for the activation of OSMs

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